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Solution Development

Turn your complex business processes into effective software solutions that can be maintained for a measureable ROI.

Product Development

Translate legacy products into updated products on the latest architecture, for mobile efficiency, massive scale, and improved security and analytic capabilities.

UX Design

Create delightful user experiences for those that access your software solutions, with an eye towards multi-channel access through web, mobile and hybrid applications.

Cloud Computing

Guide business and IT owners through the process of engineering and migrating your software to the cloud. As experts in AWS and Azure, we help avoid pitfalls and manage key metrics.

Solutions & Services

  • Knowledge Management
  • ePublishing
  • eCommerce
  • Content Management & Search
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Migration & Conversion
  • Health IT & Coding Solutions
    • Healthcare Data Integration & Modeling
    • Healthcare Mobility Enablement
    • Responsive Healthcare Development
    • Custom Patient Engagement
  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Architecture
  • Application to Cloud Migration
  • Data Architecture & Migration

Technologies & Techniques

  • .NET, MVC, C#, MySQL
  • PHP, Java, ATG
  • Javascript/Jquery
  • CSS & HTML5
  • Node.js
  • Angular, angular2, bootstrap
  • Mean Stack
  • XML
  • iOS and Android
  • Liferay
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Joomla
  • WordPress

Key Product Offering:

Microexcel’s CSD practice offers flexible information platforms that improve the relationship of data, knowledge, and business processes, empowering employees and customers with the information they need and expect:

1. Core Publishing Engine (CPE):


The Core Publishing Engine (CPE) offers a cost effective solution with faster time to market, overcoming two of the most significant business challenges to moving a project forward. The deployment can be on-site or in a hosted environment. As a flexible platform, CPE can easily be customized to fit business needs and branding.

The Features include:
  • Subscription Publishing: CPE in this case can be used to deploy content delivery system, simplicity in navigation and provide opportunities to users make additional purchases, all in secured environment. Additionally can also meet needs like targeted search results map, search results including non-subscribers hits, and single or institutional notes.
  • Internal Reference Library: CPE is custom fit for the organizations which are looking for competitive advantage through lower risks and higher quality decision making . In addition CPE can provide supplementary information feed to the system such as regulatory and compliance information.
  • Regulatory Compliance: CPE allows staff to locate the appropriate compliance information with ease without impacting loss in productivity. This includes CFR, RCRA, DOT, EPA and state regulations. In addition to this CPE tools can be leveraged to augment and retain user knowledge.
  • Not for Profit/Professional Association: The CPE provides organizations capability to provide relevant contents like references, best practices and education materials to their members with flexibility in access from anywhere on any type of device facilitating rapid development. In addition CPE also offers hosting and data management services in addition to the core technology that drives the system.
Core Publishing Engine

2. Codewalk:


Codewalk is a coding reference application targeted specifically at ICD-10. The ICD-10 code set is broad in scope and the high degree of specificity makes the code set very deep. Codewalk delivers access to the ICD-10 code set in a quick, easy to use yet powerful user interface.

Codewalk is an online ICD-10 coding/readiness tool that brings greater ease to the task of finding the correct codes.

The Features include:
  • GEMs (General Equivalency Mappings between ICD-9 and ICD-10)
  • ICD-10-CM and PCS code set and guidelines
  • Data views that facilitate the comparison of documents, codes, and search results
  • Powerful search engine
  • Quickly find an ICD-10-PCS code with the ICD-10 PCS smart code builder
ICD-10 readiness plans which Codewalk supports:
  • Building an understanding for the need for specificity in the medical record: Clinicians will be required to submit reimbursement requests that are coded to the highest level of specificity supported by the medical record. Clinicians will be examining their frequently used ICD-9 codes and their ICD-10 equivalents to determine the impact in the level of specificity needed in the medical record and the increase of their coding vocabulary.
  • Learn ICD-10 Guidelines: Codewalk includes the ICD-10 Guidelines content.
  • Reference tool for ICD-10 coding exercises: Codewalk provides support for ICD-10 training. Students can use Codewalk as a reference for completing coding exercises.

Codewalk is an innovative application for the healthcare industry. Microexcel CSD offers custom software development solutions specific to the healthcare industry including:

  • Healthcare data migration and integration
  • Healthcare data modeling
  • Mobile healthcare application development
  • Custom patient engagement solutions

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