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Core Publishing Engine (CPE):

The demands on organizations to manage and distribute information continue to increase. The drivers include an ever-expanding volume of content and ever-increasing expectations from information consumers. There are information needs around process and compliance, especially in regulated industries. Employees count on access to reference information when engaged in decision making processes. For professional associations, there are expectations to provide up to date best practices and trends. No matter the industry or size, all organizations face the challenge of providing information access in a timely, updated manner and across multiple sources and devices.

Through collaboration with a variety of organizations, Microexcel Custom Software Development (CSD) practice has designed, developed and delivered an innovative information delivery system that meets the needs of both the business and the end user. The solution is called Core Publishing Engine (CPE).

Core Publishing Engine (CPE) allows Microexcel’s Custom Software Development practice to offer a much more cost-effective solution with much faster time-to–market, overcoming two of the most significant business challenges to moving a project forward. The core functionalities of the engine leverages commonalities across many industries and dramatically speeds up the development phase. Core Publishing Engine (CPE) provides the opportunity for an organization to easily customize the user interface and any related processes specific to their organization. The deployment is also very flexible and can be on site or in a hosted environment.

Core Publishing Engine
Core Publishing Engine
The Features:
  • Subscription Publishing: CPE in this case can be used to deploy content delivery system, simplicity in navigation and provide opportunities to users make additional purchases, all in secured environment. Additionally, can also meet needs like targeted search results map, search results including non-subscriber’s hits, and single or institutional notes.
  • Internal Reference Library: CPE is custom fit for the organizations which are looking for competitive advantage through lower risks and higher quality decision making. In addition, CPE can provide supplementary information feed to the system such as regulatory and compliance information.
  • Regulatory Compliance: CPE allows staff to locate the appropriate compliance information with ease without impacting loss in productivity. This includes CFR, RCRA, DOT, EPA and state regulations. In addition to this CPE tools can be leveraged to augment and retain user knowledge.
  • Not for Profit/Professional Association: The CPE provides organizations capability to provide relevant contents like references, best practices and education materials to their members with flexibility in access from anywhere on any type of device facilitating rapid development. In addition, CPE also offers hosting and data management services in addition to the core technology that drives the system.

Microexcel CPE Brochure

Microexcel CPE Brochure

Discover how Microexcel's CSD Practice helps in meeting the needs of both the business and the end user through it's innovative and cost-effective solution Core Publishing Engine (CPE).

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