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Assessant is a powerful, customizable, cloud-based software application that makes your assessments better and easier to use

Originally developed for the healthcare industry, Assessant has helped many providers create and distribute assessments that provide critical data for improving patient care. Now, Assessant has now become the perfect companion for any organization that wants to know how clients, users, employees, patients, etc. interact with their services. Get the good feedback that you deserve.

Create Powerful Assessments Effortlessly

Create and maintain easy to use assessments through an intuitive UI and familiar functionality. Make new assessments, edit current ones and test everything you have made right from the homepage.

Create powerful assessments effortlessly
Make It Yours

Make It Yours

With complete customization, Assessant integrates into your workflow with your branding. Then, take advantage of weighted questions, guided user flow, and multiple outcomes to assess exactly what you need.

Information Means Understanding

Assessant helps you send assessments, reminders, and results securely, so you never have to worry if they will get done. You can also review detailed diagnostic information over time and users to get the whole picture.

Information Means Understanding
For Anyone Anywhere

For Anyone, Anywhere

Access in the cloud, download on the premise, and take assessments on the go with Assessant’s full suite of cross-platform applications.

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